Custom engineering

Custom development of integrated coating systems

Precise unwinding and winding, accurate material web guidance, efficient dispensing of adhesive, lamination or cooling are just some of the tasks that a complex coating system has to perform. We draw on our many years of experience and take great care to develop coating systems that ensure the even application of adhesive, including using contactless techniques if desired.

Our total service package includes

  • comprehensive advice from experts and practitioners

  • product development, planning and testing: it is possible to use our in-house technical centre for performing test runs

  • Design by experienced product developers

  • individual production in our factory in Germany

  • integration of interfaces, custom software development and programming

  • on-site assembly by our experienced and motivated service technicians including precise integration into upstream systems as required

  • world-wide maintenance and servicing by our own technicians

  • competent, flexible service, including on site

Our SM Coating team is there for you!

Do you have any questions or need a maintenance contract, or are you looking for the ideal solution for a specific adhesive?
Simply give us a call. We can help.

Sales Office North | Munstermannskamp 1 | D-21335 Lüneburg

Technical sales | Jochen Einfeldt | Telephone: +49 (0) 4131/7898-131

Construction | Ing. Büro Kaye | Telephone: +49 (0) 4131/7898-130

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