SM Coating
Your specialist for complex hot-melt coating systems

We offer ultra-modern, efficient coating systems for dispensing thermoplastic and reactive hot-melt adhesives. We are a medium-sized specialist engineering company with an international presence that offers made-to-order, high-quality coating systems customised to your needs.

SM Coating’s total service package comprises all the services you need from a single source – from planning and design to construction and assembly to service and maintenance.

Our hot-melt coating systems are used for the targeted coating of surfaces in a wide range of industries. They are suitable for dispensing

  • thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives such as EVA, polyamides and pressure-sensitive hot-melts,

  • reactive hot-melt adhesives, such as PUR or POR

  • and even bitumen and butyl.

Areas of application include the textile, foil and film, and furniture industries (e.g. for manufacturing coated textiles, labels and decorative films), and the manufacture of building materials, adhesive tapes, sealing tapes and paper. In addition to this, we manufacture coating systems for the automotive supplier industry.

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“Our customers around the world put their trust in the expertise, innovation and flexibility of SM Coating.”

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 schwarz-weiß

PUR coating system for sheets of TPO or PVC interior trim


Hot-melt coating unit that accepts a wide slit nozzle

Inlinebeschichtungsanlage von der Rolle in den Zuschnitt

In-line coating system from the roll to the cutter


Coating and lamination of textiles

SM Coating – innovative coating technologies

We have been developing solutions involving hot-melt coating technologies for more than 15 years. Originally a division of our parent company, SM Klebetechnik, SM Coating became an independent company specialising in the development, manufacture and sales of custom hot-melt coating systems in 2011.

We offer efficient integrated coating solutions and precision-manufactured custom plant equipment for all your requirements, including all the necessary melting units and application nozzles, such as high-performance drum melters; hot-melt extruders, wide slit nozzles; curtain-coating nozzles and special dispensing and pump systems.

You benefit from:

  • our extensive experience and expertise in dispensing thermoplastic and reactive adhesives as well as bitumen and butyl.

  • short development times thanks to our high level of flexibility

  • individually designed and developed systems

  • reliability, thanks to our fast service and extensive testing in our in-house technical centre (testing can be performed with coating widths of up to 1.4m)

  • Einzelfertigung in Deutschland für höchste Qualitätsansprüche


Are you looking for a coating specialist? Ask us what we can do for you!

Custom engineering
Custom development of integrated coating systems

Precise unwinding and winding, accurate material web guidance, efficient dispensing of adhesive, lamination or cooling are just some of the tasks that a complex coating system has to perform. We draw on our many years of experience and take great care to develop coating systems that ensure the even application of adhesive, including using contactless techniques if desired.

Our total service package includes

  • integration of interfaces, custom software development and programming

  • on-site assembly by our experienced and motivated service technicians including precise integration into upstream systems as required

  • world-wide maintenance and servicing by our own technicians

  • competent, flexible service, including on site

Zweite SM-Coating-Maschine

Customisation and conversion of existing coating systems – ready for new production areas

Have your production requirements moved on or do you want to break into new markets by diversifying? There are numerous fields of application for SM Coating hot-melt coating systems.
With our experience that spans a wide range of industries, we would be happy to advise you on how you can cost-effectively modify your existing equipment to meet future challenges. A competent redesign of your equipment or integrating higher-performance drum melters, high-efficiency extruders, special application nozzles, new components or software modifications will allow you to use your coating systems for new production processes.

We use our ingenuity and wealth of experience to develop financially viable solutions for your changing production requirements. Our dynamic team takes care of every detail to transform your existing equipment into a state-of-the-art coating system. We make use of the efficient products manufactured by the SM Klebetechnik Group in doing so. If desired, we can even plan the conversion of other manufacturer’s equipment.

Our ultra-modern technical centre is available for performing individual tests at any time.

Get in touch with us. We’ll find the right solution!

SM Coating GmbH
 | Gladbacher Str.13 | D-52525 Heinsberg

Telephone: +49 (0) 2452/9172-24

A new lease of life for your coating system

Is your existing production equipment getting a bit “long in the tooth”?
Is your plant still productive, but the time and money you spend on maintenance work are growing continually?

Do you need spares for specific components or wish to replace various modules of your coating system?

We’ll take care of it!

Take advantage of SM Coating’s total service package, which includes everything from

  • consulting,

  • development and

  • custom manufacture of individual modules

  • and even precise installation.

Our highly specialised engineers design the necessary modules in exact accordance with your specifications. We develop innovative solutions together with you while taking into account all interfaces.

Trust in our innovative spirit. Ask us what we can do for you!

SM Coating – maintenance & servicing

Providing high-quality, reliable systems is SM Coating’s utmost priority. Our experienced team of highly specialised technicians takes care of the regular maintenance and servicing of your hot-melt coating systems.

Should problems still arise, however, you can rely on our fast and dependable service – any time, worldwide.

We would be more than happy to put together a tailored maintenance package for your hot-melt coating equipment. Talk to us about it!

We offer you

  • custom on-site maintenance contracts for your SM Coating systems

  • short response times and flexible deployment of our local installation and technical teams to your manufacturing facilities

  • fast dispatching of spare parts

  • repair service, either on site or at our factory

Our SM Coating team is there for you!

Do you have any questions or need a maintenance contract, or are you looking for the ideal solution for a specific adhesive?
Simply give us a call. We can help.

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